Exhibition Transport - Safe in our hands

Creative has the knowledge and experience arranging the timely transport that meets the needs of organisers and exhibitors globally.

From courier deliveries to providing a fleet of trailers and on-site handling, Creative is a single resource for everything you need.

We have the know-how, network and resources to transport and support your event anywhere in the world.

Because we know that problems begin when detail is missed, we take the time to understand our clients requirements, which is why we contact every exhibitor prior to their event and visit every exhibitor during the show to clarify their return transport requirements, so that they can get away on a timely basis.

70% of transport is collected and returned on our own vehicles, which gives exhibitors and contractors the peace of mind that their goods are secure and not being handed over to 3rd parties. It also allows us to ensure they are packed correctly and are being transported on the correct vehicles. We can provide shrink wrap, bubble wrap and labels to all exhibitors to ensure freight is packed correctly and returned to the correct destination. All freight is double checked before leaving our warehouse.

For overseas exhibitors or contractors shipping their goods to or from the UK, we can provide temporary import Customs clearance and transport the goods from arrival at airport/port up to the exhibition stand.

Our Customs guarantee means that exhibitors or contractors bringing goods in or out of the UK will be free of duties and taxes. At the close of the show we will arrange return transport either to the point of origin or any requested destination by whichever mode of transport is required, air, sea or road.

Onsite Lifting Service

Creative has a vast range of resources to call upon from forklift trucks, cranes and specialised lifting equipment, which allows us to cope with the most diverse lifting requirements.

Lifting requirements are carried out by our fully qualified and experienced lifting team, who have a very professional approach to the complex work involved.

Our experienced onsite managers play a vital role in co-ordinating with exhibitors, contractors, traffic and Creative lifting team, to successfully carry out the exhibitors and contractors lifting requirements to their satisfaction.

We have incorporated an intelligent lifting scheduling system into every show that we do, this allows us to give pre-bookings to all of our clients and once the time slots have been allocated it will automatically push the customers to the next available time slot. This ensures that exhibitors and contractors are not waiting for forklifts and ensures a smooth and efficient process.

Onsite Storage

We have the facility to offer exhibitors and contractors a first class empty case storage service, where we will collect and safely store their storage items to their stand.

We also offer the facility to provide ‘priority empty case storage’ this guarantees the return of the empty cases / packaging material within 45 minutes of Creative being granted access to the exhibition hall. We realise that exhibitors can sometimes have tight schedules after the close of a show and this service can help eliminate any unnecessary problems onsite. All other empty cases and materials will be returned within 2hrs unless requested otherwise.

Every item we take into storage is measured by our team, this ensures that the client gets an accurate invoice and they know exactly what they have in storage.

Creative offer an accessible storage service for exhibitors, this will help alleviate the problem of having too many boxes on their stand and daily deliveries can be arranged for every exhibitor to replenish stock.